Fence Installation and Repair

Fencing Solutions

Did you know a good fence increases your property value? Most people who want a fence usually have a specific reason in mind.  At S & J Total Lawn & Tree Care, we offer a variety of fencing solutions. We offer superior workmanship and use only the best materials for fencing projects. Our diverse crew can sit down and make a sturdy plan with you, or handle any fencing emergency 24/7! If you have an old fence that needs to come down, let us do this for you.

From Beginning to Fence

S & J Total Lawn & Tree Care believe in maintaining great communications with customers; our emphasis is on meeting your expectations. So, when you have an idea, we want to develop your vision into a reality.  Steps we take from beginning to fence are:

  • Determine fencing needs with a no obligation, in-home consultation
  • Order materials, emphasizing delivery in a timely manner
  • Acquire any necessary building permits and locating underground utility lines.
  • Tear down any old fencing structures; all debris hauled away
  • Conduct a final inspection.
  • Review all service and product warranties.

Our fence crew is professionally trained, licensed and insured. Our prices are competitive, our workmanship is superior.

If you are considering adding a fence to your home or business, come to S & J Total Lawn & Tree Care. Contact us at 316-201-6810. We have a variety of services to compliment anything you need done within your landscape.