Trimmed all deadwood and raised canopies also removed one large Mulberry tree. |They were very professional and removed all debris and remains

-Holly Jamison

Trimmed up a big tree beautifully, and cut out a neighbor’s branch overhanging the yard without disturbing the neighbor. |Added to my initial request the removal of a big, damaged silver maple, which was accomplished very neatly, no damage to any ornaments or other landscaping. Also added trimming two elms that I’d done 5 years earlier – they just needed some water sprouts removed, but these guys had all the equipment for that. |These coupons are an opportunity to upsale for the vendor, but this was very soft and kept just to what I needed and suggested myself. Whole job done in a timely fashion with good negotiation. Highly recommended for quality of work!

-Micaela Ayers

They did a good job on trimming and removing trees. They did a very poor job on customer  service. We live out of town and are selling the house. So, I couldn’t be there to observe the work.  I asked them to send me before and after pictures so I could send to my homeowners insurance as proof that  trees were trimmed off roof. They said no problem, they do that all the time. After they did work, no pictures were sent. I reminded them and they sent me some of the pictures for 2 trees. Then they asked if I had sent payment yet. I asked again for the rest of the pictures, they refused until they got payment. I had mailed a check but they had not received it yet. I asked them to please let me know when they got the check and then please send me the rest of the pictures. They never contacted me that they had received the check and never sent me the rest of the pictures. When I called again, they said they had received the check 3 days ago. As of 2 weeks after they received my check, they have never sent me the rest of the pictures.

-Jon Wirtz

They did a great job! Was amazed with the chipper they had… it took all of the cuttings ( some very large branches) and reduced it to small chips.

-Robert C Bales

They were contracted to clean-out 2000 square yards of tree line. This involved removing 5 old dead trees, removing many secondaries, and hauling away debris. There was no damage to the neighboring fields. Prompt, respectful.

-Angela Meyer

Very knowledgeable, very professional.  Did a great job of cleaning up their mess.

-Carolyn Conley

They were wonderful. They were able to complete the job in one day. I went with them because they gave me a good bid.

-William Washington

They have the 3 P’s.  Polite, professional, and proficient.  On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being excellent, I would give them an 11.  They were on time, and had great communication skills.  Everything was done in a timely fashion.  They did a great job of cleaning up all of the debris.  I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND them.

-Mary A Staley

Removed 3 trees. Trimmed several others. Removed stumps. They were prompt, courteous, they removed all debris and left yard in as good a shape as before they began. I would hire them again.

-David Londagin